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Our Research Team

The Specialized Know-how behind Our Clinical Trials

Mitchell P. Champagne, RPH, CCRC
Research Director

Mitchell P. Champagne, RPH, CCRC

"In pulmonary medicine, clinical research is a vital part of patient care. Here at Midwest Chest Consultants, we are involved in a number of ongoing studies that are helping in the development of effective treatments for chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases. And we've been involved in many such studies over the years. But it's a large task, with a huge number of details. And the most important detail of all is ensuring that the data we collect is completely accurate and reliable.

Today, Midwest Chest Consultants has a full-time staff dedicated to this important part of our practice. And, as a result, we have capabilities that other investigators can't yet offer. My role as research director is to manage every aspect of the clinical trials in which we participate.

There's no secret about the advancement of medical care. It's all based on the scientific method. In other words, after a treatment is conceived, it must be tested to see if it works... and how well it works. When that testing reaches the clinical trials phase, the very smallest details become vital. The mission is to improve the healthcare and lives of real people. My mission is to make sure everything is done just as it should be.

The patients in our studies, as well as the companies that are sponsoring these trials, depend on our training, our experience, and our dedication. All of this is my responsibility, and it's one that I take on willingly, because I know that I'm helping to improve the standard of care for patients... for today and tomorrow."


Certification: Certified Clinical Research Coordinator, Nutritional Support Therapy
Fellowship Training: Infectious Disease Therapy, Albany New York Hospital, Albany, NY (1998); Anticoagulation, Madison VA Hospital, Madison, WI (1995)
Postgraduate Training: Clinical Chemistry/Biopharmaceutics and Advanced Pharmacotherapy, University of Illinois, Chicago, IL (1988-90); State of Missouri Medicaid Drug-Use Review Program, (1993)
BS: Pharmacy, St. Louis College of Pharmacy, St. Louis, MO
Research Experience: Study coordinator and director of numerous pulmonary-related clinical trials over the past decade
Member: Association of Clinical Research Professionals, Society of Clinical Research Associates